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Posted by Matt on March 15, 2010

I’m more negative on this – I don’t care if it’s hand drawn or computer drawn or live action combo or photorealistic. It’s about why use a technique to help you tell a story better. Is it better to tell the story in 2D or 3D or a combination? How do you tell the story emotionally? Whether it’s 2D or 3D I don’t think the audience cares – you might care as an animation geek – but I don’t think the audience cares, per se. They only care if you’ve transported me to a new world, have you told me a story I didn’t know about and have you made me laugh and cry? And if you’ve done all those three things you’re successful. I don’t know whether it’s 2D or 3D… who cares? Make a movie! Take a technique!”

-Peter Schneider, former Disney producer

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Posted by Matt on November 24, 2009

Another big, revealing interview with Shigeru Miyamoto, who always seems to have something weird or funny to say. I’m going to be live quoting as I read it.

“But in the end, while I knew that I was lying to children, I decided: “Look, this way it’s easy to understand so we’re going to make a creature like this!””

Firstly, if you play Mario and just can’t manage to finish a level, you feel like crying, don’t you?
Absolutely! You feel like crying! (laughs)

I thought: “Are you making fun of me!?” (laughs) When we had the hint block appearing from the beginning, I just felt like: “I don’t need this!”
If it appears right from the start, you feel: “This has got nothing to do with me!”
Right. But if you lose the turn three times and it appears…
Then you feel really annoyed?
(abruptly) …”Leave me alone!”

“This time around there were several directors on the project and inevitably they weren’t all on the same wavelength in terms of their level of understanding of the concept of Mario. That made it necessary for me to go right into the development area and say: “Look, this is how things work in Mario games!” Of course when I say that, it’s not objective, it’s my own take on things.””

“For instance, sometimes there’ll be a single block floating in mid-air, right? When I first made that, I thought it was totally outrageous.”

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Posted by Matt on October 19, 2009

Quote of the day:

“SL: You mentioned “2000 AD.” That was quite a big deal, wasn’t it, to give an outlet to british talent?

AM: I think it was because you had really funny, cynical writers working on “2000 AD” at that time. This was mainly Pat Mills and John Wagner who had previously spent eleven years working on the British girls comics. They had grown cynical and possibly actually evil (audience laughs) during this time. I think it was John who used to write a script called “The Blind Ballerina” and as the title suggested it was about a ballerina who was blind. John would just try to put her in to increasingly worse situations. At the end of each episode you’d have her evil Uncle saying, “Yes, come with me. You’re going out on to the stage of the Albert Hall where you’re going to give your premier performance” and it’s the fast lane of the M1. (audience laughs) And she’s sort of pirouetting and there’s trucks bearing down on her.”

Stewart Lee interviewing Alan Moore

The whole thing is great, so listen to it all.

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Posted by Matt on October 8, 2009

Why would MTV ask Gerard Butler about a 300 sequel? Did they see the first one?

I also saw on the West Edmonton Mall homepage that at some point they were showing a movie to the people in the gigantic water park (I can’t seem to find the ad again now, but I swear it was there). Yep, while people happily waded, slid, dived, surfed, etc., they would be accompanied by the soothing white noise of Wolverine projected somewhere nearby. I know this is a relatively small piece of excess, it still represents some of the insanity that big fucking malls produce like…something easily produced.

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Some more Quotes

Posted by Matt on October 3, 2009

Enough about me, though. Here’s what other people have to say:

“…I was so naive that I thought you should tell the truth about the subject of the eulogy.” – Plato’s The Symposium”

Aw, this is the only version of it you need to see


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Mr. Moonlight

Posted by Matt on September 17, 2009

I have a weird history of unexplainable illnesses. I sometimes get awful tooth/headaches (I can barely tell which), although they have seemingly stopped recently. The dentist said I have no signs of sensitive teeth.

Tonight, I have a rather upset stomach. I was close to blowing chunks for the first time in years, but it subsisted (so far). It’s probably what I eat, which is a ton of garbage. Why is this a mystery?

And now that I’m done boring you…

I’m not going to post about Scribblenauts, because I want to write a review of it for the paper. I’ll repost that instead. I’m just going to let you know that it’s as you expected, with very deviant puzzles even early on (What beats lava? NOTHING BEATS LAVA).

I also got the incredible, tight-fitting rooster cap. I am a champion.

This is now a regular feature, just so you know:

A FEW QUOTES I LIKE, Links Edition:

NRAMA: Finally Grant, could you ever see yourself doing something like this again?

GM: No. It’s a bit like having sex with a jellyfish: once might an interesting experiment, twice would be perversion!”
Newsarama interview with Grant Morrison on 52

“How did you find me?” blithers Julia
As if there were some mystery in this.
You’re in your house, you stupid fucking girl!
How do you sodding think he found you there?”
Paul O’ Brien reviews Uncanny X-Men #439

“Sentence: Victim of the next 9/11, which consists of two radio-controlled hobby planes smashing into his face.”
The BEAST’s 50 Most Loathsome Americans of 2007 entry for Rudy Giuliani

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The dead speak to me

Posted by Matt on August 27, 2009

Funny, this seems entirely appropriate for what I imagine is the majority audience for Play. By the way, Play fucking sucks.

Oh yeah, and nerd justification for said thing based on argument of ‘but but but they based it on something artistic!’ in the comments (or at least one comment). Hilarious how often that one pops up!

And because I’ve already gone on a spree of posts with no substance, here’s 20 quotes I quite enjoy from various sources in no particular order.

“I’m the insect who dreamt he was a man and loved it. But now the dream is over and the insect is awake.” – The Fly (1986 version)

“Second comes right after first!” – Buzz Aldrin on The Simpsons (“Deep Space Homer”)

“Were people this dumb before television?” – Don Delillo’s White Noise

“They never die/They just go to sleep one day” – David Bowie’s ‘Sons of the Silent Age’

“The main thing that I learned about conspiracy theory is that conspiracy theorists actually believe in a conspiracy because that is more comforting. The truth of the world is that it is chaotic. The truth is, that it is not the Jewish banking conspiracy or the grey aliens or the 12 foot reptiloids from another dimension that are in control. The truth is more frightening, nobody is in control. The world is rudderless.” – Alan Moore

“Solutions are not the answer” – Tricky Dick

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