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Posted by Matt on December 17, 2009

I have one more exam tomorrow, and I barely studied for it. It’s an English exam, so I assume that I can figure things out as long as I’ve read the books. But I’ve been wrong before! Many times before.

Grant Morrison has a new Vertigo series starting next month. I’m still waiting for the second Seaguy series to be collected, so it’s going to be a long, long time before I’ll read this one. I just don’t think I can get into single issues.

He also has two other projects that are nowhere to be seen. I want them, Morrison. GIVE THEM TO ME.

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Posted by Matt on December 14, 2009

You know, I get a chance to fix an essay that’s worth 50% of my grade in one class. It was a research essay, and I did very little research for it. I could say that it was because I had to balance it between two other research (although certainly not research-intensive) essays of similar length and due around the same time, but that’s no excuse. I. Fucked. Up. And the prof called me out on it; said ‘this is not what I expect of a 3rd year student’, so you know it’s deep shit (and to be fair to me, I did honestly expect to be called out on that aspect of it). And I could fix some of the minor problems, taking out the useless or wrong words he’s crossed out, maybe even fix a few vague sentences…but I almost feel like it’s not worth it. The fundamental structural problems will still be there, and that’s the major issue with the essay. Plus, why make him reread the whole fucking thing if I’ve only fixed the minor problems? That’s just wasting his time. Better to take it on the chin and hope doing good on the other 50% of the course load will counterbalance it enough for like a B-. Disappointing; I was really sort of enjoying that class.

But enough of that mopey dross.

I didn’t watch the VGAs yesterday. I think I’ve only seen the first one they had, which would explain why I haven’t bothered to watch any of the other ones.
What was special this year was the announcement of several ‘major titles’ during the commercials. If you haven’t guessed already, those major titles included familiar titles, the number 2, and subtitles a-poppin’.

The videogame industry is boring and I hate it.

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Posts That Shouldn’t Be Made Because it’s Late and I have a test tomorrow but nevermind

Posted by Matt on September 30, 2009

The official website of the University paper is now up and running (BTW, is it as slow for the rest of you as it is for me?). The PDF download feature is really good, and now that I’ve got access to the site itself, I hope to be able to improve it so that it really becomes something cool. We’ve got a lot of features planned for the future, so even if you aren’t a student at the university or live within 1000 miles of Manitoba, visit and enjoy!

OBSERVATIONS ABOUT THINGS I READ FOR SCHOOL: Plato was the first fan fiction writer…and also the first self-insert fan fiction writer. Socrates, who spouts Plato’s ideas in the same Mary Sue makes Captain Kirk confess his love of Spock, is always the center of attention, and everyone else always agrees with him (“Yes…That sounds about right…can’t argue with that”). There are more complex things in his work, but I could never get over the fact that it felt like I was reading Socrates Savez the Wrold!!1111

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Posted by Matt on August 28, 2009

Fun thing that happened to me once:

When I was in grade school, I noticed that several kids were going inside earlier than everyone else. Considering that this was against the rules, I was curious to see why. So, a few times, I followed them in, as inconspicuous as possible. They all sat in the library with the principal. Sometimes there would be a TV. The principal would talk to them about things. It was all vague enough for me at the time that I really didn’t understand what was being discussed or why.

It wasn’t until recently that I figured it out. Those were Bible classes. Maybe the presence of Veggie Tales should have tipped me off sooner.

On a similar note, the school division is going through some sort of thing right now where they have to distribute flyers informing children about other religions so the local Gideon group can also be allowed to pass out Bibles to those that want it. Okay fair enough. I still kinda think it would be better if they did not print a pamphlet and just told those proselytizers to fuck off from public schools. But this is the next best thing!

On a completely unrelated note, I think recording my dreams was a good idea. Now all I have to do is figure out a way to chain them all together into one story or series of story. Now there’s a challenge!

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