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Disturbing Fetishes I Have Known

Posted by Matt on July 11, 2011

Now for something completely unwanted.

Now, I’m not one who thinks the waves of unsettling fetishes one can (too) easily find on the Internet only came about because of the Internet. No, they were almost certainly there since before the digital age. It’s just that people like you or me, who had no idea one could be turned on by such and such, are more likely to find out about them. Learning way too much about them, even. I’m sure most people innocently watching stuff on Youtube have had a moment where they see a video on the ‘Recommended’ list with an unusually descriptive title, click it, and find themselves through the looking glass. It’s far worse for anyone who dares peruse any of the many open art sites like DeviantArt.

I think it would interesting to look up an actual psychology paper on these sorts of things and how they come about, which must exist somewhere, but am too afraid to look it up myself. But for those of who have been lucky enough to avoid finding out about some of these things, sticking to your basic websites and getting in and out of your Google Image Searches quickly, here are some of the odd ones I’ve stumbled upon. I’d love to learn where some of these things come from, but for now, the knowledge that they exist is enough. More than enough.


On one hand, probably the tamest of the lot with it’s light BDSM traits, but in other ways, very very disturbing indeed. Let’s face it: someone with a hypnosis fetish craves domination, or to be dominated themselves. All the methods seen in the media are featured on the sites, and special attention to paid to the face of the ‘victim’. Some like them to stare blankly (an additional love of vegetables?), some enjoy the ‘victims’ being all smiles. Drooling might be considered a bonus. A subset of this is mind control, which only furthers that rather unsettling feeling.


Now we’re getting more into the Internet era of fetishes, which includes categorizing random scenes from movies, television shows, and drawings of all sorts. Like hypnotism, there are a fantasy bondage aspect to the quicksand fetish, what with the focus on struggling, helpless women and all. Of course, being a groan-worthy staple of children’s adventure stories for so many years, it’s no wonder it’s ended up being an obsession (a real obsession. Just read the quotes from this) for the many now scouring the Internet. Also like the hypno fetishists, there are subcategories. Some, for example, just like the idea of people covered in sticky sludge, which would include things beyond quicksand.
Quicksand and other bondage scenarios involving women even have a ‘cute’ acronym among the fetish circles: DiD, or Damsels in Distress. Are they trying to hide behind it? I don’t know.
A related phenomenon that is far worse is a sort-of sister fetish centered around women being hurt in several different ways called ‘Ryona’ (I don’t know what the term actually means, and like hell am I diving even further into that cesspool). It’s really scary, and I’ve unfortunately stumbled on far too many Ryona videos on Youtube. Just a heads up: stay the fuck away.


This one might be a tad more widespread because of the crossover with the furry community. Essentially, this is people who tug to the image of people/things being inflated like a balloon. ‘Muscle inflation’ is a popular term/category. I don’t really have much to say about this one, except “What. The. Fuck.”
There is also some crossover with the final fetish I’m going to talk about here.


That is, being turned on by the idea of being devoured. There are two main divides in the vore community: ‘soft’, which means essentially being swallowed whole and alive, and ‘hard’, which I assume means not being eaten whole and alive. I have successfully avoided the latter one so far. There’s really no limit to what can eat what in this world, it all works (which is why there’s a segment of the furry base revolving around this, as well). Some subcategories of the soft side include things called “Unbirthing”, “cockvore”…ugh, you get the picture. It’s not a good picture. (Ramble: I remember reading an early report on the PSP Kingdom Hearts game that called the new monsters in it ‘Unbirths’, and I said to myself: “Boy, they’re going to need to change that”).
Cartoon lions are a popular feature on the vore Youtube. Some people like to involve stomach acid in their fantasies. As for ‘why’, I’ve observed a few explanations from those who inflict this upon us all. Some people apparently like the idea that being inside someone will be all warm and comfortable. Some, probably the vore-inflation dual classes, like the image of someone with a cartoonishly inflated belly. There are certainly bondage aspects to soft vore, as well as domination fantasies. Personally, I find it all really, really gross.

Again, my main purpose in recalling these things, aside from creeping myself and everyone else out, is to wonder how things like this happen. The common thread between all these fetishes is that they often take root in childhood, based on something the participant witnessed in their choice of entertainment. The Internet really can’t be considered a true culprit in this matter: it’s an enabler, but it’s not a cause. I doubt many of these fetishists got their starts by just finding these sites. No, something has to be there before. So, what makes it so that something as (seemingly) random as this takes such a stranglehold (uh oh, that’s an unintentional allusion, oh boy) on their psyches? I’m sure most live completely normal lives in all other respects, but something happened there to make them become one of THESE THINGS. There must be an answer somewhere, but like I said, I’m sure as shit not going to go down that highway of madness.

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Posted by Matt on February 9, 2011

Might be taking a break from the novel posts for a little bit. I guarantee you that it will be finished by the end of the month, or your money back.

Let’s get back to other fun: AOL is buying the Huffington Post. What happens when a desperate corporation with nothing to give to society at large combines with a ‘news’ website known mostly for pushing psuedo-scientific garbage championed by rich cunts? Apparently, some sort of Shit Voltron, here to use its magical Sword of Low-Quality to smite anything resembling journalism. Whoddathunk.

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Posted by Matt on February 1, 2011

Hey, I mentioned the CRTC yesterday morning, so why not again today?

Basically, the CRTC has spent the last month or so making every possible wrong decision.

My take on the CRTC: for every complaint I hear about Canadian content from my friends (and really, if the local rock station weren’t mandated to play mediocre Canadian music, do you think the quality would suddenly shoot up? Fuck no, there’s plenty of mediocre music from all over the place to fill the void), there’s a real, legitimate complaint about the CRTC, mostly about how they are obviously compromised to the nth degree and are enthralled to the industries they’re supposed to regulate. I mean, they aren’t stopping consolidation, even when it’s pretty obvious that all of these corporate buyouts are what made the idiots like local rich jackasses the Aspers lose all their money and be forced to sell or close down all of their smaller markets, leading to things like my dad losing his job (by the way, the Shaw purchase of Global only reminds me of how not long ago the two were at each other’s throats over how much money everyone should be getting for must-carry TV. I guess the cable guys have figured out a way to get around that problem). They barely make sure the television and movie industries keep up on their end of the bargain by actually, you know, funding Canadian-made movies and television shows. I’m sure there’s more, but I’m not feeling like digging it up.

So, yeah, this comes as no surprise. The cable companies (who now conveniently own the major TV broadcasters) want more money and get the CRTC to let them go about limiting and charging people in a most ass-backwards approach to providing the Internet. And while they’re at it, don’t hold their news shows up to any journalistic standards, either.

Fuck ’em. Burn it down and put some people in charge who won’t kowtow to the corporate tyrants.

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Posted by Matt on September 28, 2010

My dad is running for a City Councillor position next month. I have thus been looking for people on the Internets talking about him and his campaign. So far, nothing of particular interest.

There is this, though.

Seems CTV is well underestimating its Winnipeg audience.

Brandon is the second-largest city in Manitoba. Also known as “Westman,” it is located in the province’s southwest, on the Assiniboine River.

All their Winnipeg readers are all like ‘Another place in Manitoba? ABSURD!’ before running to their atlases and seeing that it is true, popping their monocles in the process.

Let’s look at what they have to say about the candidates:

(For Mayor)

Nickolas Avlonitis
Information about this candidate is currently unavailable.

I’d say that’s probably not a good thing.

Henry Hansen
Henry Hansen is a homemaker raising a young daughter in Brandon.

Just OOZING with qualifications there.

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Posted by Matt on March 10, 2010

Here I stand before you, Enemy of the Internet.

A few months back, I decided to rip off Weekend Web and other things I like to read on the Internet. To give it a local flavour, I decided to pick on my city’s (in)famous web portal.

This is the result of that.

They vary in quality. It took me a bit to start finding the really good stuff.

But anyway, the reason why this is important, aside from the fact that I finally got off my ass and posted those articles online, is that I’m also being noticed by the victim. The admin comparing it to eavesdropping on people’s conversations in a public space seems to be off-base, unless he doesn’t understand how the Internet works. It’s also different in that IT ISN’T FUCKING CREEPY.

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Posted by Matt on February 27, 2010

Dumb news stories Vol. C

David Jaffe ‘doesn’t connect with specialist press review scores’

This is problematic. It is more problematic when you read this line:

and prefers reading fan feedback online.

“I don’t like hearing from people who know what they’re talking about, I’d rather listen to masses of sycophant retards.”


Hilarious ending to horrible-sounding movie revealed. It may rival ‘Will Smith commits suicide with jellyfish’ as the most ludicrous way to end a drama in recent memory. But, as much as I like this sort of thing, that is not the only reason I posted this link.

I know I don’t usually condone this, but read the comments. Swarmed with humourless twits who apparently are oblivious to the fact that if they didn’t have to read post, and that the guy was very clear about the subject of his post.

Of course, there’s also the chance that they weren’t being serious. And this is why the Internet is pure hate.

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Posted by Matt on February 27, 2010

Another new digital rights law that is more complicated than it’s actually worth.

Why is it that every time someone’s government tries to update their copyright/digital rights laws, they always end up inadvertently screwing over regular people rather than pirates? It’s like they’re all kneejerk reactions prompted by corporate whining, and not honest attempts to adapt laws to the Internet age.

To be fair, they at least sound like they might be interested in rethinking parts of the law so that small businesses, libraries, and universities won’t suddenly be denied Internet access because one guy among thousands likes Pirate Bay too much. But why would you ever draft a bill like this without a reasonable amount of consideration about how it applies to different sorts of people and organizations? Read the first paragraph in this post again.

It reminds me all too much of the last attempt to amend Canada’s digital rights law, which was filled with blatantly sneering provisions that, shockingly, hurt more normal people than law-breaking n’er-do-wells. Of course, that thing was nixed when our witless leader went for a mediocre power-grab, sweeping this unfortunate piece of bad legislature under the carpet before it could be torn apart in parliament and shifting its mastermind to a completely unrelated position in his cabinet.

So now we are still a hive of Internet scum and villainy, according to the people whose job is to determine such things. Somehow, I’m not entirely concerned about that.

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Posted by Matt on December 28, 2009

Don’t pay attention to the new sidebar. I really haven’t been sucked into the Twitter thing. Really, I haven’t!

What I’m reading as we speak.

I pity the fool who had to read Tarot, though. I mean, when I had a shop with an open Previews catalog and I looked through it, I saw the ads for it, cringed, and then turned the page.

Good to hear that the actual comic itself lived up to the high standards of those previews.

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Posted by Matt on November 6, 2009

Right up my alley.

Also this.

(Pingback warning: the rest of this post is not interesting.)

Just a reminder/observation: I usually take the creative side of something over the fan/consumer side, even though I am a fan/consumer. It’s not so subtle here, but its pretty subtle elsewhere.

For example, I stopped expecting certain things from games. If they are fun, then I don’t care about most of the decisions made by the creators. Especially in one of my all-time most obsessed-over topics, fanservice, I stopped caring about what I want and just choose whatever I think has some rational basis.

It comes out of two things, I think: one, that I would like to be part of the creative industry (whatever that is) some day, so I immediately try to use the perspective of the creator rather than of a fan. Secondly (and most importantly), I’ve known enough fans on the Internet to know that for every good idea they might have for something, they have about a dozen horrible, stifling ideas that come from there personal obsessions and sense of entitlement.

And again, as I’ve mentioned before, the sense of entitlement is unwarranted, because the creator’s work is what made you like the thing in the first place. They owe you nothing more than a reasonable degree of effort on follow-ups. What I support is creative independence from the demands of the audience, not the right to be a lazy hack.

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Posted by Matt on October 15, 2009



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