The Alabaster Sock

We Will Fight the Threat with Fighting


Posted by Matt on November 24, 2009

Another big, revealing interview with Shigeru Miyamoto, who always seems to have something weird or funny to say. I’m going to be live quoting as I read it.

“But in the end, while I knew that I was lying to children, I decided: “Look, this way it’s easy to understand so we’re going to make a creature like this!””

Firstly, if you play Mario and just can’t manage to finish a level, you feel like crying, don’t you?
Absolutely! You feel like crying! (laughs)

I thought: “Are you making fun of me!?” (laughs) When we had the hint block appearing from the beginning, I just felt like: “I don’t need this!”
If it appears right from the start, you feel: “This has got nothing to do with me!”
Right. But if you lose the turn three times and it appears…
Then you feel really annoyed?
(abruptly) …”Leave me alone!”

“This time around there were several directors on the project and inevitably they weren’t all on the same wavelength in terms of their level of understanding of the concept of Mario. That made it necessary for me to go right into the development area and say: “Look, this is how things work in Mario games!” Of course when I say that, it’s not objective, it’s my own take on things.””

“For instance, sometimes there’ll be a single block floating in mid-air, right? When I first made that, I thought it was totally outrageous.”


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