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Doop Doop Doop

Posted by Matt on January 4, 2012

Well, can I officially say I’m retired from the whole blogging thing? When was the last time I posted, anyway? Ah, I’m too lazy to check.

Anyway, I just haven’t been particularly enamored with my recent contributions to this site. Too many uninformed rants, too little substance. I originally thought of this blog as an outlet, somewhere I can keep writing something, anything. But I just don’t see that working out so much anymore. Oh well.

I still want to keep writing, so it’s possible that I can convert this into a place with a purpose at some point, or maybe start another one? Ah, shit, who knows. I’m pretty busy now, so that might take a while.

For the people (who?) that read this crap and still want to see what I’m up to, check out my regularly updated Tumblr site, where I post things I find interesting, and my Twitter, where I post more concise versions of the pointless fuckery I had here.


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