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We Will Fight the Threat with Fighting


Posted by Matt on October 19, 2009

Quote of the day:

“SL: You mentioned “2000 AD.” That was quite a big deal, wasn’t it, to give an outlet to british talent?

AM: I think it was because you had really funny, cynical writers working on “2000 AD” at that time. This was mainly Pat Mills and John Wagner who had previously spent eleven years working on the British girls comics. They had grown cynical and possibly actually evil (audience laughs) during this time. I think it was John who used to write a script called “The Blind Ballerina” and as the title suggested it was about a ballerina who was blind. John would just try to put her in to increasingly worse situations. At the end of each episode you’d have her evil Uncle saying, “Yes, come with me. You’re going out on to the stage of the Albert Hall where you’re going to give your premier performance” and it’s the fast lane of the M1. (audience laughs) And she’s sort of pirouetting and there’s trucks bearing down on her.”

Stewart Lee interviewing Alan Moore

The whole thing is great, so listen to it all.


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