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Doop Doop Doop

Posted by Matt on January 4, 2012

Well, can I officially say I’m retired from the whole blogging thing? When was the last time I posted, anyway? Ah, I’m too lazy to check.

Anyway, I just haven’t been particularly enamored with my recent contributions to this site. Too many uninformed rants, too little substance. I originally thought of this blog as an outlet, somewhere I can keep writing something, anything. But I just don’t see that working out so much anymore. Oh well.

I still want to keep writing, so it’s possible that I can convert this into a place with a purpose at some point, or maybe start another one? Ah, shit, who knows. I’m pretty busy now, so that might take a while.

For the people (who?) that read this crap and still want to see what I’m up to, check out my regularly updated Tumblr site, where I post things I find interesting, and my Twitter, where I post more concise versions of the pointless fuckery I had here.


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Posted by Matt on May 16, 2011

-Late to the game, what with the TCAFness and all, but yes I know I was wrong about this. Well, at least the part where I wasn’t expecting a new Nintendo console. Well, it’s happening. Cool. I guess we’ll have something to look forward to at E3 this year. And with playable demos? A year before the thing is supposed to come out? Interesting.

-Look on that bar-type thing. You know, the one on the side. It has a ton of new links, because I just keep adding things to my Google Reader, and I want you to do it too!

-I remind you that this still exists, and is my pride and joy. Go.

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Posted by Matt on April 28, 2011

Many blogs I visit have at least one of these navel-gazing posts (that’s my excuse, and I’m sticking to it). I really don’t expect many people to be reading anything on this site – it’s more of an outlet to rid my mind of various thoughts no one cares about. Even so, I thank the people who have visited, and that one guy who commented that one time.

So, every once in a while, I decide to look at my stats. Apparently, February 2nd of this year was my busiest day. And then there are the search terms. So, what does direct people to me on WordPress? Mostly, it’s Pokemon names, going to this. I also get a lot of hits from people searching for reaction shots, true murder stories, and pangolins.

And now, the weird ones:

jackson publick cute
horrible cancer
“eleuterio penis”
“it’s late and i have a test tomorrow”
“it’s sublime don’t you think” keanu
this is me giving a fuck owl
nancy callahan hartigan fanfiction (NO)
old omersex

Personally, I am glad I became a source of information for people wanting to learn about horrible cancer.

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Posted by Matt on December 5, 2009

I’m almost done everything important, which makes me happy.

I may try to write about some different things during the Christmas season. Things that have nothing to do with Christmas. Get ready.

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Fuck pingbacks

Posted by Matt on October 8, 2009

Fuck them. I’m already paranoid enough without the knowledge that every time I link to another blog they can come to my shitty site and see how shitty it is.

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Oh I don’t care anymore

Posted by Matt on September 22, 2009

The traffic tracker has made me awful. Now I check it all the time to see how many suckers I’ve lured here. Before, I didn’t care at all! Soon I will whore myself out to the highest bidder if only to reach the sacred 20 hits a day!

I see that someone has me on Google Reader. Every new update must be terribly disappointing.

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Posted by Matt on August 8, 2009

After testing the material here, I am satisfied with the options offered by WordPress and will now post here permanently. The old site will still be up, so feel free to cruise over there and see my past ‘work’.

The only real problem I’m having so far is that here, I post under my Internet name rather than a piece of my real name (which is still a part of my Internet name, but still). This feels kind of lame right now, but I’m sure if people start looking up my name for jobs and such, it could be a lifesaver. Not that I ever included my last name in anything, but better safe than sorry.

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