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The Social Media Universe Explained

Posted by Matt on August 9, 2011

As you may have noticed, I have joined numerous websites based on the idea of mass communication. One may wonder how I can keep track of all my web domains, or if I’ve joined the legion of Internet ADHD Victims. The jury is still out on the latter (not really, I totally am), but for the former, it’s all about having each account serve a specific purpose in my web of advertisements for me. You may prefer one mode I choose over the others, so I will now explain what those specific purposes are:

WordPress blog – Longer posts about things I don’t like, people I like to insult from afar and under general anonymity, some bad reviews (because I can’t review things very well), and observations about creativity and writing for the most part. I will be embarrassed by whatever I’ve posted here as little as a week after writing it.

Tumblr – Links to things I read or find interesting. Because I really hated doing that on the blog. Also, a record of my Internet ADHD.

Twitter – Dumb statements I make on the fly because I think I have to. Links to my Tumblr posts awkwardly shoehorned in. Attempts to communicate with people I respect, only for me to delete all replies because I’m afraid of looking like a fool.

Endless Reaction Shots – Beats the hell out of me.

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Christmas Post 4/12

Posted by Matt on December 17, 2010

Example Christmas gifts, 2005-2010:

2005: The Simpsons Season 8, a bag of peanuts

2006: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Trilogy of Four Edition, aftershave I never used

2007: Drawing a blank here…

2008: That Lucky Old Sun by Brian Wilson, SD Card Readers

2009: Staple remover, travel baggage (w/ ugly towel)

2010: ???

(Really, this is more of a test for my memory than anything else)

Now I know: I must find out what the hell I got for Christmas in 2007. It’s really bothering me.

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