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Posted by Matt on November 20, 2010

This is great; it’s every edition of the university I am currently attending’s yearbook, which ran for almost 60 years. After spending 4 months working at museum, I really am starting to appreciate local history like this a lot more; we all go through the phase, especially when you live in a smaller city like Brandon, where you think it would be more interesting anywhere but where you are. And while I’m not advocating the idea that Brandon, Manitoba (pop. 41,511) is secretly the hippest place in the country, there’s always got to be something there worth seeing.

So with this stuff now online, you can now see 6 decades as they appeared in the second largest city in Manitoba, and how all the kids used to dress and pose for pictures that are now viewable on the Internet.

And yes, we at the newspaper are currently trying to do the same thing for our history. The thing is 100 years old, after all.

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Oh my god, Animals!

Posted by Matt on September 13, 2009

It’s the new craze sweeping the nations!

(Don’t blame me, blame most of my blogroll. Warren Ellis especially.)

Another one for the brainfart files:

Do you know of the late 90s Disney-style, Fox-produced animated movie Anastasia? I’ve seen it a few times, and it just dawns on me how utterly bizarre and slightly disturbing it is, in a historical sense.

The Anastasia story, I guess, is completely divorced from where it comes from (IE the Russian Revolution) at this point, although it really shouldn’t be. So I guess it could make sense for Don Bluth and the crew to think it could make a good base for a more modern fairy tale type thing. However, there is still something incredibly off about the way the movie portrays, in a completely off-hand way, the actual Russian Revolution.

I mean, it’s still mainly a background thing that has no real importance on the overall story…even so, I think implying that the revolution was caused by magic and goblins is a weird weird thing to be selling to children.

So here, my imaginary readers, is the challenge: can you think of the most inappropriate way to Disney-fy a real world event?

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