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Posted by Matt on June 18, 2011

Oh god, what now?

I can’t say I was demanding Street Fighter x Tekken, but after seeing a few gameplay videos, I’m quite looking forward to it. I have a certain affection for the cast of Tekken (even thought I’ve only played a few of the games in the series), and I will enjoy seeing the cast of bears and robots interacting with the main Street Fighter players.

We have had 14 characters confirmed so far, 7 on each side. The last trailer also included a few extra hints that were quickly deciphered. So we’re actually at around 18 characters. According to Capcom sources, the number of characters in this game should be around the same as Super street Fighter IV Arcade Edition, which is 39, and also noted that going into the higher 40s could be overwhelming for players. So, let’s put our predicted number at 40.

One of the interesting things being done with this game is pairing the characters off into obvious (Ryu/Ken, King/Marduk) and not-so obvious (the future Sagat/Dhalsim team of bald guys from southern Asia) tag teams. This means that when considering characters, I shouldn’t just think of them as individuals, but also as possible teams.

So, let’s get the list out of the way (bold are confirmed or are pretty much confirmed):

Street Fighter
10.E. Honda
14.R. Mika or El Fuerte
16.Sakura or Another SFIII character (Oro? Elena?)
17.Juri or Another SFIII character
18.Another SFA or SFIII character (Urien?)
19.M. Bison

19.Raven or Xiaoyu

As you can see, I’m a little more hesitant to put specifics on the Street Fighter side, mostly because I know that series better and have my own biases, where in Tekken I can be far more objective. On both sides, a fair number of characters are fairly obvious – this being a crossover with two older fighting series, it seemed essential to include the ‘classic’ characters on both sides, which is to say the original SFII cast and the Tekken fighters who have been in every game since the first. Pairing them off was no big deal, and I have Bison and Heihachi as ‘single’ characters because they are bosses and all that. Other mainstays Akuma and Jin, the former of which is guaranteed to be in, and the latter maybe accidentally confirmed by Seth Killian a while back, are also counted as singles.

Using the tag system, then, I have some more creative ideas. The developers have stated that we should expect some characters not seen in either series for a while (well, Tekken less so, because it has brought back nearly every character in the latest entries in the series). There are tons of older SF characters who didn’t make it into SFIV who could possibly be brought back; but unlike a lot of fans who scour Yoshinori Ono’s statements looking to see who is likely, I don’t think it will be entirely easy to figure out who they might be.

Despite being more ordered than reality will likely be, I decided that the 6 slots open for non-SFII characters should be evenly divided between the other three sections of the series. I included one of Ono’s admitted favourites, R. Mika, as she would make an interesting partner for Zangief (and, if not, we still have El Fuerte around to fill up the second SFIV slot). I think Ibuki is likely to come back, but that’s probably because I’ve always thought she was an underrated character (the fact that one of the unveiled stages features an Ibuki-like ninja but not Ibuki herself seems to hint in this direction, too); I recently learned from Ono’s Twitter that Ibuki is his favourite SFIII character, but again, I’m not going to put that much weight into that, as interesting as it is. The second SFIII rep is where things are going to get interesting; I think it is very likely it will be someone who wasn’t in SSFIV, just so they could mix things up. Depending on how the teams are formed, it could be a few different characters; if they are paired with Ibuki, I could see it being someone like Elena or Oro, who have a certain affinity with her (Alex would too, but I think the game is already wrestler’d out at this point; Makoto or Yun could also work if they decide to use a III character who has already been brought back). They could also do as I suggested in my list, which is team up someone like Urien with Juri for an alternative villains team. Or even Q would work in some way, as this game is already guaranteed to have other robots in it.

For the Alpha characters, it could go in many ways. I had originally filled the second slot with Dan for a Dan/Blanka team, but the devs keep swearing up and down that they killed him off in the original teaser trailer, so maybe that won’t happen. Sakura could team up with Ibuki, or if R. Mika doesn’t make it, they could have the Sakura/Karin team creepy perverts have been dreaming of. They could also throw another completely unexpected character in, like, I don’t know, Birdie.

And finally, SFIV. Abel takes one, so the other one depends on what kind of teams we could make. I suggest Juri to lead a villainous duo, or maybe El Fuerte to team up with Zangief. Viper had her time in the spotlight in Marvel vs Capcom 3, so she could probably sit this one out. Seth doesn’t really work in this context, although they could pull him out as a surprise. Hakan is fun, but I think Juri would work just a little bit better. And Gouken would be one karate master too many.

As I said before, the Tekken characters were easier, because I don’t have a fanboyish reaction to any of them. Most of them were teams of convenience: Paul and Kuma are technically archrivals, but could still be an interesting team. Lee is a given, and I think Lei would be fun in this game because SF has never had a Jackie Chan-inspired character. Alisa is exactly the kind of character the team says they are looking for: the kind that would never normally show up in a Street Fighter game, being a teen girl robot with chainsaw hands, and she makes a fun match with Jack, a shoe-in. Yoshimitsu, my personal fave, could be teamed up with either Raven (a Wesley Snipes lookalike ninja who certainly adds a different visual flair to the game) or Xiaoyu, another teen girl who could make her team with Yoshi a natural counterpart with an Ibuki/Sakura team.

Let’s see what Capcom says about this over the course of the summer.


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