The Alabaster Sock

We Will Fight the Threat with Fighting

Posted by Matt on June 2, 2011

(I found this draft floating around on the dashboard. Apparently I wrote this in September. Wow, how did it get lost in the shuffle like that? Weird.)

I like to think that I’ve created an uneasy alliance in me between pessimism and optimism. There seems to be elements of both whenever I react to something. As much as I tend to hate humanity, I can’t give up on it; I don’t see the point.

It’s pretty obvious to anyone looking around with a critical eye that the world is in shambles, and it’s very unlikely to get any better. The cheaters have jury-rigged the system so they can get as much as they want when they’re winning, and when they lose they get a clean getaway (this is what I get from reading Paul Krugman’s stuff). The people who can call them out are either in on the scam or are too obsessed with little comforts for them to ever risk them for something better. Everything people seem to do to try and help out the situation, especially in poorer parts of the world, seems to be temporary, or may end up making things worse; and the people who end up doing most of the ‘helping’ do it out of a sense of patriarchal duty brought upon them by their vast, often undeserved, wealth. And the people without the same wealth? They could care less about starving people in Africa; they have their own problems to deal with. Not that they could do anything the way most of society is set up.

The observation that people are paranoid, violent, stupid, and hateful? Mostly true. You could give us all the wondrous discoveries that will make our lives better, and someone somewhere will find some way to use it to screw everyone else up. People ruin everything.

And there’s no refuge in the past, either, as many deluded people seem to try to find. It was just as bad back then, if not worse in many regards. Think your idyllic childhood was the norm? Trying looking outside your privileged corner of the globe.

So, all this stuff seems to add up to an irredeemable portrait of the world we live in. So why do I hate misanthropy so much? Well, because it’s an idiotic response to the problem: you’re adding to the problem. You ARE the problem. You are worthless.

My philosophy is this: just do what you can do. Does it matter if it seems pointless? It’s better than doing nothing.

(That’s it. I guess I can understand why I ultimately abandoned this post. I was trying to show why I decide not to give up when everything is shitty…but who cares? Even I don’t care that much. I think I still have some uneasiness when writing about real world issues, as if I’m afraid of coming off as an idiot (which I’m pretty sure I do anyways). Lots of generalization, lots of oh-it’s-so-serious-but-I’m-not quips, some amateur sociological and psychological observations. Not a whole lot of new ideas being shared here, either. All in all, a mediocre post.

But what’s more likely: me deciding to give up on this because it wasn’t very good, or because I was afraid? There really wasn’t much for me to be afraid of – if anyone actually read this sucker, why would they get mad? It doesn’t make any real points, good or bad. A backlash against a high school blurb like this is incredibly unlikely.

Maybe I was just bored with it? Maybe I found something else to talk about? Maybe I really did just honestly forgot I started it at all?

In any case, it’s not a particularly good post. So no one was missing anything while it sat, unloved, in my blog’s guts. But here it is anyway, in all its glory.)


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