The Alabaster Sock

We Will Fight the Threat with Fighting

Posted by Matt on May 22, 2011

Summer Plans, 2007:

1) Prepare for incoming adult education
2) Work for money for incoming adult education
3) Raise hell in AMERICA (okay, North Dakota)
4) Go to the Super Smash Bros. Brawl website EVERY WEEKDAY
5) Hang out

Summer Plans, 2008

1) Figure out what I want from year 2 of adult education
2) Work for money, thinking it’s for continuing adult education, but really ends up being used on slurpees and bubble gum because year 2 of adult education ends up being pretty much free anyway (thank you, sliding scholarship standards)
3) Try to get into to university newspaper as an actual editor this time.
4) Marvel at how unbroken my laptop is after a whole fucking month in the shop. Proceed to crack the hinges again.
5) Hang out, make nachos

Summer Plans, 2009

1) Contemplate the final year of adult education, what the future holds
2) Work for money for final year of adult education and BEYOND, move up in the exciting world of grocery retail, feel like a boss
3) Marvel at new laptop, quickly fuck it up to the same levels as previous one
4) Get bored with life, seek a time out of town, new furniture
5) Hang out at my friend’s new crib, want one of my own

Summer Plans, 2010

1) Actually decide where I want to go next, decide that regression is the best solution
2) Find real work, find it, but end up going back to the job I had left anyway
3) Get own place, adult responsibilities, etc.
4) Devote free time to video game forum lurking
5) Hang out for escapism purposes

Summer Plans, 2011

1) Get out of bed every once in a while, maybe

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