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Posted by Matt on January 3, 2011

It begins

(Please note: all of this was written for National Novel Writing Month. I wrote over the course of the month, and am only editing it once before posting it. Of course, that’s no excuse for many of the deficiencies we’ll all probably find. While there are parts I like about this, it is still a learning experience, and I think there’s some areas where I definitely need some work. Even so, I’m posting this for all interested)


Welcome to Star-Land Tropical Resort, the world’s first man-made island getaway!

Star-Land Tropical Resort, located right on the equatorial border of the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Ecuador, is the ultimate vacation destination. The brainchild of entrepreneurial partners Kevin McIntyre and Carlos Marquis, the resort has been planned from top to bottom to provide an unforgettable experience to all visitors, no matter their age, home country, or income level!

Taking an area of over 500 Square Kilometres, the resort was built in several phases over 20 years, each adding new and exciting new features and attractions to further enhance your vacationing experience. The island is built from an artificial turf made by Simononla Construction in San Antonio, Texas, designed not only to successfully imitate real volcanic rock and sand to create a real tropical island feeling, but with a firm, structured base to make this island more secure than the real thing. Live vegetation and birds have been kindly donated by neighbouring island nations to truly complete the experience.

Star-Land Tropical Resort has over 100 attractions, stores, and restaurants to visit over the course of your stay, which can be easily reached in minutes either by foot from one of our five luxury hotels, or by our round-the-clock rail cars. Among our top attractions are the Star-Land Fun Park, a top quality amusement park inside a weather-proof dome that guarantees a great time no matter the condition outside; and the Sea-Star Central Cruise line, which equals the quality of our hotels and allows visitors to experience the true beauty of the central Pacific. Other attractions include our large, highly safe beaches, three different state-of-the-art water parks, and bird’s-eye-view helicopter tours of the island (See index and resort map for full list of attractions).

So why not consider visiting Star-Land Tropical Resort, a guaranteed unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime experience for the whole family! See your local Travel Agency for flight and accommodation information.


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