The Alabaster Sock

We Will Fight the Threat with Fighting

A Taste of What I’ve been Doing

Posted by Matt on October 17, 2010


It was during these talks that it also learned of what the others had seen during the great change. Some reported seeing something move, some large thing of many shapes and colours, unlike anything they had ever seen. From what they had deduced, it may have something to do with these recent events; it came and went just as the change occurred, and the motion they described reminded them of their own. It took this in with great curiosity; although it did not see as much as the others did, it couldn’t help but make a connection between the thing they described with some of the blurred sights it had seen, or it thought it had seen or maybe even what it wanted to believe that it had seen, during the moment of change. Surely, it must have seen this thing as well, if only briefly and obscurely. It began to ponder the significance of the thing, as the darkness provided very little visual wonder to excite its intelligence. The others called out to it during its long periods of silence, asking if there was something the matter. It informed them that it was just thinking. It thought on the same subject, poring over the same set of facts over and over again, trying to further understand them and thus further understand this new thing that has come into its life. It did this for countless moments.



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