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Posted by Matt on July 27, 2010

And now for the regular reader unfriendly posts.

Comic-Con was good for those of us looking forward to Marvel vs Capcom 3. 6 new characters (two coming out of nowhere), a lot of little details, and several little interviews with the producer where he slipped some other things we should know (including what characters are not in the game). We now know a good chunk of the roster, with 16 officially revealed characters, and 4 teaser characters who are very obvious (including one who was in the cinematic trailer!) And with the next few months guaranteeing even more information, we won’t be in the dark about things like that for very long.

My first attempt at a prediction list was kind of half-assed, although I still got some (very easy to see coming) characters right. The thing is, back then I had very little idea what direction they’d go with character selections, and I’m even more puzzled by it now, especially when they revealed that the majority of the roster (or at least in its current state) would be returning characters. Surprisingly, it is hard to imagine just who they would bring back aside from a few key characters, as MvC2‘s character list is a random grab-bag, containing a lot of secondary/tertiary characters from a few series (X-Men and Street Fighter primarily) that I just couldn’t imagine them recreating for this game, as well as a few random oddballs. Because of that, I immediately assumed that they’d probably go for more new characters, especially when they have a “focus on Capcom’s newer games” ideology and a lot of input from Marvel themselves. Maybe it won’t be so confusing as we see more and more characters, but right now I’m a little hazy about my selections.

For my revised selections, I’ll pick 8 for both sides, which would bring the roster up to 36, a number that I could see them reaching in their remaining development time (all we know about the number of characters is that they’ll have over 30). Some won’t be concrete picks, because while I can commit to the essence of my prediction, I just don’t know enough about their direction to be a bit more exact. Now, onto the list thing:


There is no way they won’t include one of Marvel’s most iconic villains in this game. He also has a fun moveset, if a bit less representative of his powers than I would like, even with his top tier status giving him the image of being cheap.

His time may have passed when the 90s faded, but he still has some popularity left. He’s also got a really fun fighting style, so why not bring him back? I bet his animations would be killer as well.

Not one I would have picked a few months ago, but with more slots devoted to returning characters, I can see him being brought back. He’s a major X-Men character, and one with a decent enough niche gameplay-wise, even if we already have a few projectile-heavy combatants.

Although her chances seem a little less with Thor and Amaterasu taking her element manipulating gimmicks, she still has enough of her own moves that she could still be a unique fighter. She’s also one of the most prominent X-Men and female Marvel characters, so she’s got that going for her as well.

5.A New X-Men Character
X-Men is no longer the colossus (lol) it once was in the comic world, but it still has an important spot among Marvel’s franchises. So, I could definitely see Capcom pulling in a never-before-used X-Man for use in this game. There are plenty to choose from, and this is one of the few places where the developers could come up with a decent new female character (Jean Grey/Phoenix being a frontrunner now that Emma Frost has been confirmed to not be in the game). There are many ways they could go, and most of them could work out well.

6.Iron Fist
I definitely expect to see one or more of Marvel’s perennial cult characters making the cut this time. With so many to choose from (and some, like Ghost Rider, out of the running), I decided upon Iron Fist. Why Iron Fist? Because he works so damn well in a game like this, offering a new gameplay style that feels oddly appropriate. If you want an idea of what he could do, just imagine Fei-Long times a million. I just find the possibilities he presents to be very enticing.

7.A Runaways Character
And now for the completely out-of-nowhere pick. Runaways has been a pretty well-supported cult hit for Marvel since it debuted a few years ago. The premise is simple, solitary (remember when you could introduce a new character and not have it be directly tied to the rest of the Marvel Universe? No? Me neither), and enjoyable, and the characters offer some good possibilities. While arguments could be made for Karolina (the alien rainbow laser girl) or Gert & Old Lace (you’d control the future-raptor!), the best character from this line-up would probably be Nico Minoru AKA Sister Grimm. We have a few magic-using characters already, and there is a demand for Dr. Strange among some fans. What I would suggest is totally fucking with those guys is by having Marvel’s mystic heroes be represented by a teenage girl in goth clothes. The only issue raised (if you’re a total nerd): since she can only cast spells if her magic words are different, how would they be able to show her using the same attack over and over? Well, let’s let God (AKA Frank Tieri and his delightful Bronx accent) sort it out.

8.A Random Hero or Thanos
Now for some copping out. Depending entirely on how many new characters they want to develop, I could see them giving Marvel fewer than Capcom. If that is the case, the only other character from the previous games I could see them bringing back is Thanos, who is still fairly prominent, and who could fun if they let this opportunity to develop his moveset. Of course, they could also give us another new character, which I think would be preferable, if only for variety’s sake. If this is the case, I could seem them pulling out whatever random Marvel character would provide the most unique gameplay experience (which is why I think characters like Silver Surfer and Ms. Marvel are unlikely, as they’re powers are too vague and don’t lend themselves to fun fighting styles). I could probably rattle off a dozen names, but let’s just say this is the wildcard for Capcom, who could give us something we never expected.


1.Mega Man
Oh come on, like Capcom would ever leave out their flagship character. The only question is: which version of him? They could bring back classic (who would provide continuity between the previous games and the new one, and who has had a comeback recently with the downloadable retro-sequels), or they could bring over Legends Mega Man from Tatsunoko vs Capcom (hinted at by the Legends-based stage, but I won’t assume anything at this point), or they could even bring in X (one of the few versions of Mega Man to not appear in a Vs game. In any case, there will be some one who is a man and is also mega.

This one is gonna make me popular. I know most people probably hate Roll with a passion, but at this point she’s essentially the series’ premier in-joke, and for that reason alone I think she might be reappearing. At least they could base her on her TvC appearance, giving her a much better, much more original moveset.

I would have included Bison on this list in any case, but this interview with writer Frank Tieri where he mentioned his love of writing Street Fighter and Resident Evil villains seems to give credence to this choice. Bison is one of Capcom’s most popular bad guys, and he eve has a unique gameplay identity within the Marvel vs Capcom games; it thus makes plenty of sense to bring him back.

4.Albert Wesker
On the same note, who would the Resident Evil villain spoken of be? With the monsters out due to their ‘grotesque’ nature that would apparently affect the rating, there’s only one real choice left: sunglasses wearing fucker Wesker. I had heard him bandied about by the forum-goers for a while now, and after doing some investigating, I can see some definite potential in him, especially if they somehow work in his monster transformation from later games. It seems a little to include multiple characters from so many franchises, but if that’s where the wind’s blowing, so be it.

I remember many moons ago when Zero was alongside Dante and Thor for most in-demand character for the seemingly mythical Marvel vs Capcom 3. He is a popular character, and proved to be a good choice for TvC: Ultimate All-Stars. I would think the same reasoning he was in that game could transfer over to this (although they were actually working on this game BEFORE UAS). To vary it up, I could seem them making this the Mega Man Zero version of Zero, and this would also fit into their “how has Capcom changed since MvC2?” theme they admitted to going with. That may or may not be the case, but just like Mega Man, I think A Zero will likely be in this game.

6.A Grappler Character
This is a staple of Capcom’s fighting games, and I don’t expect them to let up here. Whether they bring back Zangief, or introduce a new wrestler-type (Mike Haggar? Alex?), I expect that piledrivers will be given out like candy from SOMEONE.

7 & 8.No clue
Yep, I’m giving up. The thing is, there aren’t that many other characters I could see them putting in. I don’t want to put too much emphasis on new characters, as I think I might be expecting too much in that regard. On the other hand, there aren’t too many possible returning characters that I could see in this, unless they want overload on Street Fighter or bring in another Darkstalkers alumni (both of which are fairly possible). I also have a hard time deciding if some of Capcom’s cult arcade fighters like Strider or Captain Commando (Jin and Hayato and the like are pretty much screwed) are likely, given the emphasis they’ve put on newer series. Another possibility is a character like Tronn Bonne (if Legends Mega Man doesn’t make it in), as someone is almost certain to ‘represent’ the Legends stage. There are many possibilities, but I can’t say for certain how likely any of them are.


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