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You cannot escape the lists

Posted by Matt on July 19, 2010

Top Seven Worst Songs Played on the Store Radio Where I work

7. “Life is a Highway”, Tom Cochrane
6. “A Moment Like This”, Kelly Clarkson and Leona Lewis (They’ve played both versions. On the same day)
5. “Give a Little Bit”, Goo Goo Dolls
4. “Manic Monday”, The Bangles
3. “Clocks”, Coldplay
2. “Hey Leonardo (She Likes Me For Me)”, Blessid Union of Souls
1. “Welcome to My Life”, Simple Plan

Some of the much better songs they have played:

“Cult of Personality”, Living Color
“Cool the Engines”, Boston
“Let’s Dance”, David Bowie
“Man on the Moon”, REM
“Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm”, Crash Test Dummies (Yes, I do like this song)

Some songs I don’t hate, but have been soured by repetition

“Wake Me Up When September Ends”, Green Day
Pretty much every Tom Petty song they play


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