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Posted by Matt on April 21, 2010

Still not done important stuff. Still, I’m almost done. And then this happens.

So let’s talk about that for a minute.

So yes, Marvel vs Capcom 3 looks pretty good so far. We don’t have much in the way of gameplay specifics, primarily because they apparently haven’t been hammered out, yet. We’ll probably know all that after E3. Still, they’ve been getting us fans going, so they’ve succeeded in their earliest marketing.

So far, they have outright confirmed 6 characters, and left 10 silhouettes for us to prod and analyze. Some of them are pretty easy to see (Chun-Li, Dante, Felicia, Captain America, Deadpool, and Super Skrull). The others aren’t as clear, and could be any number of characters. We’ll have to wait for those ones.

The producer has said that there should be ‘around 30’ characters in this game, which, despite being lower than the previous game, is pretty good for a game built on a completely new engine. I suspect that we’ll be getting somewhere between 32 to 36 characters at the end of the day. The reveal process sounds like it take place over the year’s gaming and comic conventions, so the wait won’t be as painful.

Now for the fun. Who do I think will be in the game?

So far, there seems to be a good mix of obvious characters with obvious and not-so-obvious new characters. While the Marvel has a few more must-have characters yet to be revealed (some sort of spider man, I think?), Capcom is pretty much free to include whatever game characters they want. I don’t know if we’ll see that many characters returning from MvC2, nor do I expect many characters to transfer from Tatsunoko vs Capcom. I am interested to see whether or not we’ll see a few of the rejected/incomplete character ideas from TvC in this game (Dante was one of them), as the two games have the same producer. I think both sides might get a good mix of characters old and new, although probably skewing a bit more towards the new because this game is even more a major commodity for Capcom than it ever has been.

Just to go with the bare minimum, I’ll say these 30 characters (bold are confirmed, italics are semi-confirmed):

1. Wolverine
2. Iron Man
3. Hulk
4. Captain America
5. Deadpool
6. Super Skrull
7. Dr. Doom/Moon Knight/Hood?
8. Mephisto/Dormammu?
9. Spider-Man
10. Thor
11. Magneto
12. Venom
13. Phoenix
14. She-Hulk
15. Iron Fist

1. Ryu
2. Morrigan
3. Chris Redfield
4. Chun-Li
5. Dante
6. Felicia
7. Trish?
8. Frank West/Rad Spencer?
9. Mega Man (classic)
10. Mike Haggar
11. M. Bison
12. Phoenix Wright
13. Amaterasu
14. Viewtiful Joe
15. Strider

I tried to make a good mix in here. Some of them are a bit odd, but I think this game has room for odd choices once you get most of the important bases covered. Plus, I really really really want to see Phoenix Wright in a fighting game.

I guess we’ll see what happens.


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