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We Will Fight the Threat with Fighting

Posted by Matt on March 31, 2010

Marvel has an app on the iPad already.

As stupid as the iPad is at many things, reading comics is not one of them. It’s actually a pretty good size for reading comics, and the touchscreen-based interface makes reading them less of a hassle than they would be on a computer. eReaders in general are good for comics and other ‘disposable’ periodicals, as no one really cares about the physicality of them, and usually they just take up a lot of space. This way, monthlies and short comics are easily accessible and the dreaded longboxes will be a thing of the past, while those who want paper can still read the trades.

This is probably the best idea Marvel has had in a while, and hopefully they will keep the whole thing at a reasonable price and with a good selection. If and when this iPad thing takes off, Marvel could find this to be a very profitable venture, and other companies can follow suit.

I’m still not buying. Are you nuts? Buying first generation Apple products is just asking for trouble.


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