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The Return of Animals!

Posted by Matt on March 14, 2010

This list of weird animals, while containing many old favourites, also has many new entries into the strange and amazing creature pantheon. Aren’t Seapigs, Glass Frogs, Geoducks, and Eagle Owls so delightful? And let’s not forget our old friends, the horrible cancer worm colonies!

But it also reminds me of one thing: MOTHERFUCKING PANGOLINS.


Who does not like this thing? Tell me who you are so I can kill you.

Armadillos have always been my second favourite animal (after the otter), because they are pretty cute and they also have armor and curl into a ball. Pangolins are like armadillos with pine cone armor, and they can climb trees, giving them another advantage. Yes, pangolins are pretty great, for all those reasons and probably more.

On that not, when you think about it, the concept of having a ‘favourite’ animal is odd. I mean, I have generally approached it in the same way I approach favourite designs in fiction…but I’m applying it to real, living things. That’s a tad fucked up.

One Response to “The Return of Animals!”

  1. […] So, every once in a while, I decide to look at my stats. Apparently, February 2nd of this year was my busiest day. And then there are the search terms. So, what does direct people to me on WordPress? Mostly, it’s Pokemon names, going to this. I also get a lot of hits from people searching for reaction shots, true murder stories, and pangolins. […]

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