The Alabaster Sock

We Will Fight the Threat with Fighting

Posted by Matt on February 5, 2010

Who the hell is this kind of thing trying to surprise? “Oh my God, these characters who have hardly ever NOT been Avengers are going to be members of the Avengers!” Next big reveal: Vision, Black Widow, and Wonder Man are going to be Avengers!

You know, this ‘Heroic Age’ thing really doesn’t convince me at all. Aside from the fact that this is simple pandering and another attempt at getting mainstream attention, what exactly does turning this into a ‘direction’ really do for the comics? Are they going to force the notorious peddlers of morose to lighten up? I don’t see the point. And what exactly is their idea of going back to the good ol’ days?

You know what I think would produce the same effects without the same issues? Stop putting forward so many fucking editorial mandates and BIG EVENTS and just let the creative teams do what they want. Sure, there would likely still be knuckleheads putting out GRIM N GRITTY comics, but I’m sure the freedom given to the more talented ones, who are also more likely to make lighter stories, would easily balance it out.

But that’s just too much to ask, I guess.


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