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We Will Fight the Threat with Fighting

Posted by Matt on February 5, 2010

There are so many good games I’ve never heard of before. This is one of them.

I love a good fast-paced action game, and even as the times change, there never seems to be a real lack of them. The SNES had/has a good selection, and even then I’d say this one looks like one for the top.

First, the shooting gallery style certainly sets it apart from the rest. Second, the futuristic west is just a fun setting, especially for a game like this. So, not only are you getting the background for general badassness and shooting, but you also get the background for creating a lot more things for you to shoot. Shooting criminals is all well and good, but shooting giant crab robots is something else entirely. Two-player doesn’t hurt, either.

Wild Guns even has awesome music. The interesting thing about the music and sound is that it is almost exactly the same as the three Power Ranges SNES games I used to play. Check it out. They must share a developer; I’m too lazy right now to confirm this.

There is another game that also shares the sound stylings, called The Ninja Warriors.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this and Wild Guns shared a developer. Both have the same sort of high-quality arcade action game quality. Both also have heavy use of robots. In this one, you get three cool playable characters (not just ninjas, but ninja robots, and that has to account for something) with huge movesets, beset on all sides with enemies for you to pummel, and there’s even objects you can throw at them! Just good stuff all ’round. The only thing it lacks is two-player.

More information on Wild Guns and the entire Ninja Warriors series (yes, there was more than one).


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