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We Will Fight the Threat with Fighting

Posted by Matt on January 25, 2010

Sigh. I’m the type who hears that something big is going to be posted somewhere, and will stupidly wait all night while tapping F5 until I get it. If only there was a better way.

Anyway, this is an interesting post.

One of the reasons that, if I were to write comics, I would never want to go to one of the big publishers is because more often than not, you’d be a work-for-hire schlub who could create a thousand good ideas but not have any claim to any of them (seriously, very few comics creators, with the exception of those who get the law involved like Stan Lee, Siegel & Schuster, etc., even get minor credit for creating even integral parts of a series.). This probably isn’t an issue for someone who just wants a chance to make stories for their childhood heroes, but as someone who wants to take pride in his handiwork, that’s just not the path for me.

The situation in the link is even worse. Not only do you sell your work, you sell your work and don’t even make any proper money for it.

So, listen to the blogger folks: look around for good contracts, and don’t take slavery deals just to feel like a professional.


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  1. Newark said

    Hey mate, thanks 4 sharing but this article is hard to read when using Safari it is showing only half the page.

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