The Alabaster Sock

We Will Fight the Threat with Fighting

Posted by Matt on November 23, 2009

Just finished reading The Road. Try to determine my demeanor after that!

No, I’m fine. Sometime next year I might get cocky and read Blood Meridian.

Also on the table: another major revision for one of my projects. This is in order to solve the following problems I have with it:
(1) Logical problems that have persisted (consisting mainly of ‘Why does this keep happening?’)
(2) Give me the opportunity to improve on characters who don’t seem to do much
(3) Make stories and set-up for stories easier and more interesting
(4) Remove most if not all introduction/background stories, or just move them to the background where they won’t bore people to their face

The one thing I want to do with it is essentially be a bunch of single, separate stories with a definite ending; essentially, covering a life (or lives). That presents some interesting challenges, because I’m trying to make something episodic but still coherent, without it feeling like ‘And now some random shit happens’. Although, to a degree, isn’t that what life is?

(Side note: I notice that I love surrealism/strange things, and I try my best to put in strange things. However, I think my strange things are not strange enough, or disturbing enough. I almost feel like all I’m doing is distilling Grant Morrison to Saturday morning levels. I hope I can fix that.)

I just need uniformity and cohesion. When things appear, when I introduce concepts, I need to make sure they matter, whether that is being significance to plot or theme, or just being entertaining. I also need to make sure there are no useless characters. I’ve cut back on stuff before, so it shouldn’t be that hard for me to do some revising.

First step: change to the setting, and some confirmation on major-minor details. How does this help the problems I listed above? Not one clue.


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