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Posted by Matt on November 6, 2009

Right up my alley.

Also this.

(Pingback warning: the rest of this post is not interesting.)

Just a reminder/observation: I usually take the creative side of something over the fan/consumer side, even though I am a fan/consumer. It’s not so subtle here, but its pretty subtle elsewhere.

For example, I stopped expecting certain things from games. If they are fun, then I don’t care about most of the decisions made by the creators. Especially in one of my all-time most obsessed-over topics, fanservice, I stopped caring about what I want and just choose whatever I think has some rational basis.

It comes out of two things, I think: one, that I would like to be part of the creative industry (whatever that is) some day, so I immediately try to use the perspective of the creator rather than of a fan. Secondly (and most importantly), I’ve known enough fans on the Internet to know that for every good idea they might have for something, they have about a dozen horrible, stifling ideas that come from there personal obsessions and sense of entitlement.

And again, as I’ve mentioned before, the sense of entitlement is unwarranted, because the creator’s work is what made you like the thing in the first place. They owe you nothing more than a reasonable degree of effort on follow-ups. What I support is creative independence from the demands of the audience, not the right to be a lazy hack.


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