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Posts That Shouldn’t Be Made Because it’s Late and I have a test tomorrow but nevermind

Posted by Matt on September 30, 2009

The official website of the University paper is now up and running (BTW, is it as slow for the rest of you as it is for me?). The PDF download feature is really good, and now that I’ve got access to the site itself, I hope to be able to improve it so that it really becomes something cool. We’ve got a lot of features planned for the future, so even if you aren’t a student at the university or live within 1000 miles of Manitoba, visit and enjoy!

OBSERVATIONS ABOUT THINGS I READ FOR SCHOOL: Plato was the first fan fiction writer…and also the first self-insert fan fiction writer. Socrates, who spouts Plato’s ideas in the same Mary Sue makes Captain Kirk confess his love of Spock, is always the center of attention, and everyone else always agrees with him (“Yes…That sounds about right…can’t argue with that”). There are more complex things in his work, but I could never get over the fact that it felt like I was reading Socrates Savez the Wrold!!1111


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