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so there! Guilt-Free.

Posted by Matt on September 23, 2009

Sorry, I won’t be writing a review for either new game I’ve been playing. That seems to happen a lot with me. Reviews just aren’t my thing, you know? Plus, it’s not even my job to do these things, so there! Guilt-Free.

Pointless comic book thought: The Green Goblin is the goofiest archvillain in comics. Although the armor in the movie also looked goofy (why does it have a face on the helmet?), they were obviously pretty much stuck when it came to the character’s visual. There’s no way a man in a D&D costume could be taken seriously as a threat, even in a silly supherhero way.
You can really tell that the Goblin’s status as a major villain in Spider-Man lore was added on a rather random basis (which it really was). In his first appearance, he really wasn’t anything more than another one of the ‘themed’ villains that Spidey had been facing up to that point. But then they decided to make him Norman Osborn, and then later decided to make him kill Gwen Stacy, thus turning a supremely silly character into a ‘memorable villain’. Really, they could have used any of the other major figures in the Spider-Man lore and turn them into the ‘archenemy’ as well…Electro, Rhino, Scorpion…or maybe even Mendel Stromm.
Someone once told me that Doctor Octopus makes a lot more sense as Spider-Man’s opposite number, and now I really do agree with that. The thematic logic just makes sense (not only that both are scientists using a scientific accident for different purposes, but also because both are named after animals with eight arms), and Doc Ock is more believable as a manipulator and major schemer (which I’m pretty sure he has been in the past) than Osborn/Green Goblin.
So, all in all, fuck the Green Goblin.

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