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Posted by Matt on September 20, 2009

Statements that infuriate me (and are tangentially related to this surprisingly popular post):

“Just wait for the sequel” and “They’re saving it for the sequel”

These are usually employed when people find that the latest thing doesn’t have everything they wanted, in an effort to temper disappointment. Sequels do often happen, so why do I dislike these kinds of reactions?

Sequels DO happen, but the first one is showing a little too much optimism, and is only setting themselves up for even more disappointment if a sequel is never made. It’s counting your chickens before they hatch and all that overused jazz. The second one is bad for a different reason – if you actually heard that the developer decided not to put something into the game solely for the reason of saving it for a future game, wouldn’t that piss you off? It would piss me off. What a lazy move, and one also filled with overt optimism about future prospects. Thankfully, I don’t think many developers actually think like that. That kind of thinking on the part of the fans is just another one of their attempts to complicate matters unnecessarily. Kind of like how conspiracy theorists have an easier time believing politicians are reptilian aliens rather than accepting chaotic reality, some people would rather think that there’s some radical overarching plan for the reason X wasn’t included (I remember when forum-goers theorized that Super Smash Bros. Brawl didn’t have any Metroid Prime-based content because those filthy Nippon slanteyes hated the games, and they were later proven incredibly wrong) when in reality the reason X isn’t there is because the creators didn’t have the time, the resources, or they just didn’t think of it.

But realizing that would involve accepting Occam’s Razor, which it seems none of them are capable of doing.


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