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Chaos Magickal Things

Posted by Matt on August 20, 2009

After being slightly involved in another discussion of 80s culture/nostalgia, I have come to a realization. I really don’t know if I should continue to be just annoyed by rampant 80s nostalgia, or whether I should be frightened by it. I mean, there was a reason that decade produced V for Vendetta, Robocop, and They Live. It also reminds me of the most menacing aspects of Seaguy (I hope the collection of the second series comes out soon, BTW).

Onto lighter things, after a packed summer of movie tie-ins (more than I’ve ever seen in one season), 7-11’s newest slurpee accessory is something a little out of left field. The Magic Straw (wish I had pictures, but I don’t) is a fucking wonderful contraption that confuses and bedazzles all. Watch in amazement as you drink from one straw even as it is clearly not the same straw that is in the slurpee itself! Gaze in befuddlement as you slowly (or, if you are not a subhuman, quickly) figure out that obviously there is another straw hidden within the shitty little figure holding the two other straws! And finally, be marveled at the real magic of the straw as it makes your hard-earned money disappear!


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