The Alabaster Sock

We Will Fight the Threat with Fighting

My Summer Vacation

Posted by Matt on August 19, 2009

1. Punch-Out!!
2. Watchin’ Bill Hicks
3. Being a cameraman
4. New Furniture
5. Pokemon Returns
6. A Trip to the city
7. The long agonizing journey towards a Trip to the city
8. Smash Bros. fever returns, only now it’s about TMNT and only over 4 months
9. Mighty Boosh (I love it with my bod by parts)
10. Actually reading through Falling Man
11. What is this? Cheap notebooks you say?
12. Finding my lost DVD of Simpsons
13. Ogre Battles where no one likes me
14. Being okay with but not seeing dumb movies
15. A brief period with the most briefest of Internet things, Flickchart
16. The return of Conan
17. Howard Stern interviews people I have interest in
18. Watching French TV sign-offs
19. Not buying any new comics GASP
20. Doing a lot of work on my longstanding concepts and holy crap I am satisfied with it
21. Not getting a whole lot of new music, either. I’m sure being different these days!
22. Not joining Twitter.
23. And that’s about it.


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