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The end is no

Posted by Matt on August 18, 2009

Last night’s dream was very strange. It featured my family finding a cat with an ugly haircut (like a poodle), but we could locate its home because it had a very elaborate, almost compass-like, tag. Dreams are supposed to say something about your subconscious, right? I wonder what these last couple of ones say about me.

As I mentioned, I’ve spent the last few weeks watching the second and third seasons of The Mighty Boosh (not the first one, yet). I was right in believing that this was a show for me. Bizarre stories, silly characters (I don’t know why, but one thing that I like is a more ‘realistic’ show which features characters who feel like comic book supervillains) with silly costumes, jokes that come out of nowhere (“Not you, Extreme Sports Calendar!”), and music that is both funny and rather good most of the time. Not every joke works, but the ones that do are often made even better because of the show’s excellent cast, who know how to get every last drop of humor out of every bit. I find some of the characters funny just because of how they talk and move. It’s all very good stuff.

It also inspires me a bit, because I would like to do something like that (that is, an off-the-wall comedy). Recently, I have been going over some of my current in-development stuff, tweaking things to meet the standards of what I’ve just watched. On one hand, it has helped me weed out some of the weaker ideas. On the other hand, it might be sending it in the wrong direction, because it’s my idea with my kind of humor and it is never going to be The Mighty Boosh (or Douglas Adams, or Grant Morrison) if I want it to be or not. I don’t want to be co-opting my voice. I don’t think I will, but it is a concern.


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