The Alabaster Sock

We Will Fight the Threat with Fighting

The Enemy Within

Posted by Matt on August 10, 2009

I’ve been playing Pokemon a lot recently. Too much, in fact. It’s becoming an obsession all over again, and its frightening. I know that I’ll stop as soon as my current goal in the game (create a ‘B-Team’ and prove they are super-awesome) in completed, though, so it won’t last very long. Besides, I need to save some of my Pokey-Man! energy for when the new games come out sometime next year. Boy oh boy I can’t wait.

I haven’t had any new ideas lately. I’ve lately been absorbed in media (Pokemon, Don Delillo’s Falling Man, and two seasons of The Mighty Boosh), so I guess that could be a reason why. I think I got some good stuff done earlier this summer, so it isn’t too bad. I just have to make sure I use all my quickly disappearing free time to do what I gotta do. But what is that? It’ll come to me, eventually.

Recently, they had a sales at Staples where they sold 80-page Hilroy notebooks for 26 cents each. I now own 12. For no reason other than (1)What a sale! and (2)What a sale! on office supplies; better stock up. Back-to-school really is my favourite buying time of year. I’m still living off the huge supplies I’ve acquired over the years, and now I’m back for more. What can I say? I’m a sucker.


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