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Catfish Bastard

Posted by Matt on August 10, 2009

You may not know this, but I like to watch videos of videogame playthroughs, hopefully without any ‘commentary’ (every nasally-voiced nerd who feels they should be adding their own special wit to their game videos should just shoot themselves). Here’s the latest run I’ve seen: a SNES game called Ardy Lightfoot, a game that I didn’t play, but probably would have if I saw it for rent at a game store.

You can watch all 6 parts if you want (why would you, though?) But I just want to turn your attention over to this one:

(Skip to about 4: 38)

I kind of like the music for the final levels in here. Nonetheless, the big picture: watch as the final boss sets up a young girl to be killed by lightning right in front of our anthropomorphic cat/mammalian thing hero. What a dick move.

I like how this game, a simple 16-bit platformer, has supporting characters. Whose presence is unexplained (not just the love interest*, but the Indiana Jones-type who shows up at random points in the game). Maybe you need to read the instruction book to find out who they are and why they are doing what they’re doing, because the game itself barely does the job. I kind of see the attempt here: to make the game seem like a more epic story than it actually is.  I can give them credit for trying.

But yeah, that evil emperor catfish is just a cock.

*Oh god, we went through this years later with Sonic. Just ewwwww.


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