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Posted by Matt on August 8, 2009

Yep, it’s that time again. Don’t look behind the cut unless you’re really bored. It’s pretty much just me talking to myself about a videogame.

Okay, so Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Smash-Up. I’ve been looking forward to this game  for a while now, and recent stuff have only made me anticipate it more. It honestly looks fun. So, it being something on my radar AND being a fanservice game that I have some knowledge of, I feel I can make a few predictions about it’s character selections. Let’s get started.

At this point, we have 15 confirmed characters, which are:

1. Leonardo
2. Raphael
3. Donatello
4. Michelangelo
5. Splinter
6. April
7. Shredder
8. Casey Jones
9. Foot Ninja
10. Utrominator
11. Karai
12. Nightwatcher
13. Fugitoid
14. Raving Rabbid
15. Splinter Rabbid

Of those, 13 are currently on the official website. The Rabbids, special characters thrown in for goofy fun/cross-promotion, won’t likely be seen for a while and have been leaked early for some reason. I can almost guarantee they will be unlockables.

Also on the website are 7 question marks, indicating that we are (at least) getting 20 characters in the game. There’s a possibility that more will show up on the margins or whatever, but I’m keeping my expectations reasonable and saying 20 is the final count (it also corroborates the story given by the developers that they focused more on developing each character rather than throw in a ton of different characters with very little to distinguish them). With the Rabbids, that leaves 5 unknown characters.

A more recent revelation was that the game would have unlockable ‘boss characters’ in the Arcade mode. This is pretty major in my mind, as it gives us an idea of who could take up the final five slots.

Here’s what I’m thinking: they specifically said boss characters, meaning that there’s more than one. That would make sense for what we know about the Arcade mode, as each character has their own little story, which could mean that you could fight a different boss based on the character. This could be from two to all five remaining characters, but that seems a bit unlikely, as I can’t imagine all the remaining non-Rabbids characters being bosses. Plus, 13 default characters seems odd (punny!), and we are supposed to be getting more revealed characters (at least that’s what it sounds like to me) before release. Maybe they want to keep the unlockables secret. maybe they don’t. But just to be safe, I’m going to say that we’ll have three boss characters.

Now, let us consider another thing. Supposedly, the Arcade mode ends with a battle against Shredder. But considering that Shredder is a normal character, having him be the final boss seems a bit anticlimactic, don’t you think? That is, if he really is the final boss. See what I’m getting at? One of the three will be a final boss. My guess for that boss? To keep with the ‘Shredder as ultimate villain’ motif, I’ll say…Super Shredder. If that actually happens, it’s going to piss off so many people, but it seems logical enough.

As for the other two, I could see an even split between which characters fight which. For this to make sense, I’d say one would have to be a ‘bad guy boss’ for the villainous characters (like Shredder, Foot Ninja, and Karai) and another would be a ‘good guy boss’ for the turtles and allies to fight. Thankfully, there are two prominent characters who fit these categories to a tee – Leatherhead (as the bad guy boss) and Baxter Stockman (as the good guy boss). I’ve been thinking these two would make it onto the roster in any case, but they work in this context very well.

As for the final two slots…again, I expect them to be the remaining ‘normal’ characters. Whether or not both are default is hard to say, but I think one of them definitely is. Still, if they are revealing more characters, and the bosses probably will remain secret just to have a surprise element in there, I’ll say they both are, just to give people a little satisfaction. Now, who are they?

My guesses: Rat King and and wildcard. Rat King may seem like boss material, but he really isn’t. Plus, he seems like a pretty obvious character, just like Leatherhead and Stockman. I’ll honestly be surprised if he isn’t in there, as it seems like a major TMNT character like him would be top priority in a game like this. I’m throwing in a wildcard because the developers are constantly throwing in surprise choices (Utrominator and Nightwatcher being the two main ones, both of whom pissed off message board losers, but that’s neither here or there), so no matter what my guess is, they’d probably throw in something completely unexpected. If I were to base my choice off of the source material, I’d say they’d throw in a Triceraton, but if the developers found someone more fun, it’ll probably be that.

After all that, here’s my predictions:

1. Rat King
2. Triceraton/Wildcard
3. Baxter Stockman
4. Leatherhead
5. Super Shredder

With only a month to go, let’s see how well I do.


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