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Already Dead

Posted by Matt on August 6, 2009

It wasn’t that long ago that I was complaining that there was no one to talk to online about TMNT: Smash Up. Now that I’ve seen both major communities devoted to the game, I want to go back to being alone. This is how my standards work.

I can’t sleep because it’s too hot in here. I have two fans on and a window cracked open and I’m still too hot. This is the downside of summer.

The upside of summer: I’m not too cold.

Just now I’m reading the comments to this, and it got me a-thinkin’, about the omnipresent concept of ‘dumb fun’.

Dumb fun does, in fact, exist, and it is completely alright. The problem, especially today (and especially considering the material discussed in the post, IE modern superhero comic events), is that they’re almost uniformly all dumb and no fun. Postmodern audience awareness has made it so that silliness is now a detriment, and unfortunately that also has a negative effect on creativity. Plus, everyone now thinks they’re a genius, and especially in the case of mainstream superhero comics, they are serious writers writing serious literature, even if that serious literature involves zombie Green Lanterns.
So, really, dumb fun is dead, or at least in hiding. In its place is dumb plodding self-aggrandizing tedium.


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